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‘tis the season for charity.

December 8, 2008



last night i went to the always fun, always A-gay -studded fundraiser, cracked xmas, put on by the trevor project. the trevor project is an organization that runs the only nationwide, 24/7 suicide prevention helpline for LGBT(Q) youth.  i put “Q” in parentheses because it seems there’s some confusion (at least in my mind and the mind of one of the presenters last night) as to whether this stands for “questioning” or “queer,” but I think it’s the former.  anyway, it’s an indispensible, life-saving organization that serves kids who need someone to talk to when it seems there’s no hope or escape from a life where everything around them is telling them that who they are as human beings is an abomination.

the only thing i can ever afford at these events (and just barely) is the ticket, but it’s always fun to watch the “haves” shelling out money for cruises to barcelona and flights on quantas to sydney.  the highlights of the evening for me were the recently out-of-the-closet wanda sykes’ standup and anne hathaway auctioning herself off for a date with three admirers for $12,000.  fantasia also gave a fun, barefoot performance covering purple rain and something else and another song.

check out some pics and video from the event here.