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more reading your TV

November 26, 2008

here’s the latest in kinetic typography ads

and youtube’s gone widescreen, y’all. someone’s suffering from hulu envy.


that ad looks familiar.

November 23, 2008

it seems like i’ve been noticing a lot more ads lately using “kinetic typography,” which is the fancy way of saying “moving text.” i’m a huge fan of good, clean design, and i do like the look of these spots. but at the same time, big brands shell out a LOT of money for their creative, one of the goals of which should be to help differentiate the brand.

i may start thinking motrin (poor motrin), ford and the new biopic about harvey milk are all part of some clandestine mega-consortium poised for world domination. and the fonts they use all look very similar to obama’s.  hmm…you draw your own conclusions.

check out the spots below and let me know your thoughts in the comments.

p.s. if you go see milk, don’t see it at a cinemark. read why here.