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September 5, 2009


i’m coining two new acronyms to introduce into our common lexicon: CMU and CMAU, which stand for “crack/ed me up” and “crack/ed my ass up,” respectively.

frankly, the time has come for us to retire LOL, LMAO, ROFL, etc. i’m convinced that you, like me, are striving for something new, and i’m here to provide it.

i have to let you know that i’ve tried to create innovations in language in the past. for example, i created the term “karmal,” meaning bad karma. here is the urban dictionary entry:

1. karmal 9 thumbs up
bad karma
hitting on his boyfriend is total karmal

unfortunately, this term has yet to see mainstream acceptance, as a recent google search indicates. resources were tight when i launched the word, and i wasn’t able to put the marketing behind it that i wanted to. i also blame xenophobic tendencies in our society that cause some to automatically reject things that sound, like, foreign and stuff.

but times have changed, the recession is turning a corner (we hope), and people are striving for the type of change that barack obama hasn’t delivered for them. i feel CMU and CMAU are exactly the type of change we need.

why am i doing this? i have a passion for words and innovation. and madonna’s daughter lourdes.

Note 1: ha, haha, hahaha, je, jeje, jejeje, ja, jaja, jajajaja are all still acceptable. they represent slightly less extreme versions of laughing…more chuckles than the chortles or guffaws of CMU, CMAU, and the now defunct LOL, LMAO and ROFL. they are perfect linguistic complements of CMU and CMAU. please continue to use those expressions if you’re trying to look cool in front of your social network or paramour.

Note 2: feel free to use CMAU exclusively when the country music awards are running to avoid any confusion.