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december’s de Lab event at GOOD magazine

December 9, 2008


one of my favorite ex-coworkers and current editor extraordinaire for curbed LA, marissa gluck, invited me to december’s de Lab event.  (curbed is actually in my blogroll, but for some reason when I updated my blog to display my twitter feed, my blogroll disappeared. argh! baby steps.) UPDATE: i figured it out.

below is a quick description of the event from de Lab’s facebook group post:

“Join de LaB on Monday, December 8 for City Listening, when we’re bringing together the best and brightest voices in Los Angeles design and architecture writing for a special evening of readings about our fair city. We’re honored to present our final de LaB of the year as part of GOOD’s Community Monday, just one of many events that will be taking place during GOOD December.”

and here’s a list of the speakers:

·         Frances Anderton: Host, KCRW’s DnA: Design and Architecture; LA Editor, Dwell

·         Jade Chang: West Coast Editor, Metropolis

·         John Chase: Urban Designer, City of West Hollywood; Editor, Everyday Urbanism

·         Christopher Hawthorne: Architecture Critic, Los Angeles Times

·         Marissa Gluck & Josh Williams: Editors, Curbed LA

·         Greg Goldin: Architecture Critic, Los Angeles Magazine

·         Sam Lubell: California Editor, The Architect’s Newspaper; Author, London 2000+

what i lack in actual knowledge of LA art and architecture i hopefully make up for in excitement as a relative newcomer to the city and the scene (although, 5 ½  years may be seen as an old-timer to some here).  needless to say, marissa and josh from curbed were the funnest (most fun? most fun.) of the speakers. they had a slideshow of some of the worst (or best) pics from curbed’s “that’s rather hideous” column, which shows actual shots from actual MLS listings of some of the truly questionable design choices some people have made in their LA domiciles (and CHOSE to make public), and then read comments that curbed readers had posted about them.  hilarious.  the other speakers were great as well.  john seemed a little off-topic and made me uncomfortable, but that probably says more about me…and who am I to judge anyway?

marissa – invite me to more of this shiz. i promise to be mostly seen, not heard.

p.s. funny coincidence…literally the day before this event, a writer named kelly samardak from mediapost (an online news site for the advertising/media industry) — whose stuff i follow and is hilarious — had mentioned in her newsletter a place called SVA. i had never heard of it, so i twittered her (which isn’t half as dirty as it sounds) and asked what it stood for.  she told me it was the school of visual arts in manhattan and was probably sighing and rolling her eyes as she typed it, but whatever.  ANYWAY, long story long, when the de Lab hosts were explaining the genesis of their series, they said that it was an event at SVA a year ago that inspired them to start it! maybe that’s really not as random or strangely coincidental as it seemed to me last night after a couple glasses of free cabernet, but i’d like to think that it was.

here are a few more pics from the event.