that ad looks familiar.

it seems like i’ve been noticing a lot more ads lately using “kinetic typography,” which is the fancy way of saying “moving text.” i’m a huge fan of good, clean design, and i do like the look of these spots. but at the same time, big brands shell out a LOT of money for their creative, one of the goals of which should be to help differentiate the brand.

i may start thinking motrin (poor motrin), ford and the new biopic about harvey milk are all part of some clandestine mega-consortium poised for world domination. and the fonts they use all look very similar to obama’s.  hmm…you draw your own conclusions.

check out the spots below and let me know your thoughts in the comments.

p.s. if you go see milk, don’t see it at a cinemark. read why here.


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4 Responses to “that ad looks familiar.”

  1. Gabi Says:

    I am the first to comment on your blog, yo! I like these spots too… although had only seen the Milk one. Does anyone watch ads anymore??? I sure as hell don’t! I think the words are effective… reading them while hearing them ads interest and emphasis.

  2. krwlos1 Says:

    thanks for the comment, gabi! contrary to perception, people DO still watch ads! DVR penetration is still under 20% in the US (but growing), and even still, the overwhelming majority of TV is watched in real time whether in households with a DVR or without…but i’m like you, i love my DVR and the majority of TV i watch is time-shifted. i actually saw the ford ad when i was doing ellyptical at the gym, so TV is still pervasive. just ask obama.

  3. Heather Says:

    I wonder what percent of people who only watch ads without sound. I know I mute TV or turn it down as much as I can. It seems that these ads are just as powerful without sound (try watching with no volume) because of the way the texts moves, and enlarges the words they want to draw attention to. You’ve stumbled upon something here Keith and I am curious how effective these types of ads are psychologically for the viewer.

  4. more reading your TV « KRWLOS1 THE BLOG Says:

    […] more reading your TV By krwlos1 here’s the latest in kinetic typography ads… […]

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